Disposable Polyethylene Isolation Gowns
AAMI Level 3 (Open-Back)

Essential Safety PPE disposable isolation gowns (also referred to as barrier gowns) serve a wide range of functions that can better protect your health. Polyethylene isolation gowns offer an impervious barrier that will protect against the highest level of fluids.

Our gowns are apron-style with over-the-head neck, waist ties, and thumb lock wrists. Additionally, our Quick-Rip Neckline allows for easy removal to reduce the chance of exposure.

Each unit is manufactured in a clean, climate-controlled environment that follows FDA Quality System Practices and is packaged individually.



  • FDA Registered 3016965892
  • AAMI Level 3
  • Long Gown – covers to ankles
  • Single-Use Disposable
  • Impenetrable Design for fluid protection
  • Open Back Design
  • Thumb Lock
  • Quick-Rip Neck Line
  • Lower Back Tie
  • 2 MIL Polyethylene
  • LEVEL 3 – Impact Penetration (AATCC 42)
  • LEVEL 3 – Hydrostatic Resistance (AATCC 127)


  • Hospital workers (HCW)
  • School Nurses
  • Diagnostic Centers
  • Imaging Centers
  • Pediatricians
  • Dentists
  • Primary Care Physicians


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